Chain: hypershift-launch-aws-create


Name Description
openshift-cluster-bot-rbac Creates policy allowing cluster-bot the ability to poll for status of cluster operations in this namespace.
ipi-install-rbac The pre-installation RBAC step adds necessary privileges for the cluster under test against the build farm.


Image Exposed As Required By Steps
release:latest RELEASE_IMAGE_LATEST create


In addition to the default environment, the following variables are consumed through this chain

Variable Name Variable Content Consumed By Steps
HYPERSHIFT_AWS_REGION The AWS region of the cluster. (default: us-east-1) create
HYPERSHIFT_BASE_DOMAIN The cluster's FQDN will be a subdomain of the base domain. (default: create
HYPERSHIFT_NAMESPACE The namespace in which to create hosted clusters. (default: ci-clusters) create
HYPERSHIFT_NODE_COUNT The number nodes to automatically create and join to the cluster. (default: 2) create

Step Graph

Webreg Chain "hypershift-launch-aws-create" 0 openshift-cluster-bot-rbac 1 ipi-install-rbac 0->1 2 create 1->2

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