Chain: ipi-conf-ovirt-release-4.6-4.7

The IPI configure step chain generates the install-config.yaml and ovirt-config.yaml files based on the cluster profile and lease information for a release-4.6/4.7 OpenShift cluster.


Name Description
ipi-conf-ovirt-generate-install-config-params This step creates the ovirt-lease.conf file to configure the parameters for creating the install-config file. The step uses a secret from the oVirt namespace that corresponds to the acquired lease name, which contains the parameters required for creating the install-config.yaml file for the cluster.
ipi-conf-ovirt-generate-ovirt-config-insecure This step creates the ovirt config with an insecure connection which is required for the openshift-installer to connect to the oVirt engine.
ipi-conf-ovirt-generate-install-config-release-4.6-4.7 This step creates an install-config file which will be used to create the OpenShift 4.6/4.7 cluster. The install config doesn't contain refrences to affinity groups.


No step in this chain sets dependencies.[?]


This chain consumes no environmental variables except the defaults.

Step Graph

Webreg Chain "ipi-conf-ovirt-release-4.6-4.7" 0 ipi-conf-ovirt-generate-install-config-params 1 ipi-conf-ovirt-generate-ovirt-config-insecure 0->1 2 ipi-conf-ovirt-generate-install-config-release-4.6-4.7 1->2

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