Chain: ipi-deprovision-openstack

The ipi-deprovision-openstack contains all the refs and chains necessary to clean up cloud resources after a OpenShift cluster has been destroyed.


Name Description
openstack-deprovision-deletednsrecords This steps deletes the dns records created by the test. Expects ${SHARED_DIR}/api-record.json and ${SHARED_DIR}/ingress-record.json to exists.
openstack-deprovision-bastionproxy This step deletes the bastion proxy.
openstack-deprovision-deletefips Delete the api and ingress fips previously created by the pre steps. Expects ${SHARED_DIR}/DELETE_FIPS to exist.
openstack-deprovision-machinesubnet This step removes the machine subnet, its network and router as well.


No step in this chain sets dependencies.[?]


In addition to the default environment, the following variables are consumed through this chain

Variable Name Variable Content Consumed By Steps
BASE_DOMAIN Base comain name to use for deletion records. openstack-deprovision-deletednsrecords
BASTION_USER The user of the bastion machine (default: centos) openstack-deprovision-bastionproxy
CONFIG_TYPE The type of config for the environment to deploy. * 'minimal' - Configure the install-config with the minimal options to make it work on our tests, which requires the usage of floating IPs. This config type doesn't require a proxy server to be deployed. * 'byon' - Configure the install-config to use a pre-created network (BYON) so it wouln't require the usage of floating IPs. This config type will require a proxy server to be deployed. * 'proxy' - Configure the install-config to use a pre-created restricted network (BYON) and a Cluster Proxy. openstack-deprovision-bastionproxy openstack-deprovision-machinesubnet
OPENSTACK_PROVIDER_NETWORK Name of the OpenStack provider network if any. openstack-deprovision-machinesubnet
OS_CLOUD Name of cloud to use from ${SHARED_DIR}/clouds.yaml file (default: openstack) openstack-deprovision-bastionproxy openstack-deprovision-deletefips openstack-deprovision-machinesubnet

Step Graph

Webreg Chain "ipi-deprovision-openstack" 0 openstack-deprovision-deletednsrecords 1 openstack-deprovision-bastionproxy 0->1 2 openstack-deprovision-deletefips 1->2 3 openstack-deprovision-machinesubnet 2->3

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