Chain: ipi-install-libvirt

The IPI install step chain contains all the individual steps necessary to install an OpenShift cluster.


Name Description
ipi-install-rbac The pre-installation RBAC step adds necessary privileges for the cluster under test against the build farm.
ipi-install-libvirt-install The libvirt IPI install step runs the OpenShift Installer in order to bring up an OpenShift cluster.


Image Exposed As Required By Steps
release:latest OPENSHIFT_INSTALL_RELEASE_IMAGE_OVERRIDE ipi-install-libvirt-install
RELEASE_IMAGE_LATEST ipi-install-libvirt-install


In addition to the default environment, the following variables are consumed through this chain

Variable Name Variable Content Consumed By Steps
ARCH ipi-install-libvirt-install
BRANCH ipi-install-libvirt-install
MASTER_DISK (default: 42949672960) ipi-install-libvirt-install
MASTER_MEMORY (default: 16384) ipi-install-libvirt-install
MASTER_REPLICAS (default: 3) ipi-install-libvirt-install
WORKER_DISK (default: 32212254720) ipi-install-libvirt-install
WORKER_MEMORY (default: 16384) ipi-install-libvirt-install
WORKER_REPLICAS (default: 2) ipi-install-libvirt-install

Step Graph

Webreg Chain "ipi-install-libvirt" 0 ipi-install-rbac 1 ipi-install-libvirt-install 0->1

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