Chain: ipi-install-vsphere

The IPI install step chain contains all the individual steps necessary to install an OpenShift cluster.


Name Description
ipi-install-rbac The pre-installation RBAC step adds necessary privileges for the cluster under test against the build farm.
openshift-cluster-bot-rbac Creates policy allowing cluster-bot the ability to poll for status of cluster operations in this namespace.
ipi-install-install The IPI install step runs the OpenShift Installer in order to bring up an OpenShift cluster, using the provided cluster profile to choose a target IaaS platform. Anything that needs to be configured using manifests should generate them before this step and put them in the SHARED_DIR so that this step can pull in the manifests. Files with name manifest_(manifest_name).yml|yaml end up in $INSTALL_DIR/manifests, while files with name tls_(tls_asset_name).key|pub end up in $INSTALL_DIR/tls.
ipi-install-vsphere-registry Once the cluster is running the registry must be patched to set management state and storage to emptydir


Image Exposed As Required By Steps
release:latest OPENSHIFT_INSTALL_RELEASE_IMAGE_OVERRIDE ipi-install-install
RELEASE_IMAGE_LATEST ipi-install-install


In addition to the default environment, the following variables are consumed through this chain

Variable Name Variable Content Consumed By Steps
OPENSHIFT_INSTALL_EXPERIMENTAL_DUAL_STACK Using experimental Azure dual-stack support (default: false) ipi-install-install
OPENSHIFT_INSTALL_PRESERVE_BOOTSTRAP Keep bootstrap resources after install. Warning: this should only be used for debugging purposes, and poses a risk to cluster stability. ipi-install-install

Step Graph

Webreg Chain "ipi-install-vsphere" 0 ipi-install-rbac 1 openshift-cluster-bot-rbac 0->1 2 ipi-install-install 1->2 3 ipi-install-vsphere-registry 2->3

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