Chain: osd-create

Uses ocm to create a cluster in an OSD environment.


Name Description
osd-create-create The cluster creation step uses ocm to create an OSD cluster using the provided cluster profile. The cluster profile should include an sso-client-id and sso-client-secret to login. The cluster profile should also include .awscred and aws-account-id (presently OSD only supports AWS). If the clusterExpects $SHARED_DIR/ocm-cluster-create-args to contain additional (cloud platform specific) arguments to pass on the ocm create command line. Platform specific arguments might for AWS: --compute-machine-type=.. --aws-account-id=.. --aws-secret-key-id=.. --aws-secret-access-key=..


No step in this chain sets dependencies.[?]


In addition to the default environment, the following variables are consumed through this chain

Variable Name Variable Content Consumed By Steps
CLOUD_PROVIDER_REGION Set a region for the ocm cluster creation. If not specified, a cluster_profile appropriate setting will be used. osd-create-create
CLUSTER_DURATION Set a non-default number of seconds for the cluster to live after creation. osd-create-create
CLUSTER_NAME The name of the OSD cluster to create. Must be unique for the account, lowercase, and no more than 15 characters. osd-create-create
CLUSTER_VERSION The version for ocm to install (e.g. "4.6.12"). Specify a major/minor (e.g. "4.6") to get the latest version from that stream. osd-create-create
COMPUTE_MACHINE_TYPE If not specified, a default will be chosen appropriate for your cluster_profile. osd-create-create
COMPUTE_NODES (default: 2) osd-create-create
OCM_LOGIN_URL ocm login URL. (default: staging) osd-create-create

Step Graph

Webreg Chain "osd-create" 0 osd-create-create

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