Step: clusterbot-wait

This step is used by the cluster-bot and simply sleeps for as $(CLUSTER_DURATION) seconds before exiting.

Container image used for this step: cli

cli resolves to an image built or imported by the ci-operator configuration (documentation).


In addition to the default environment, the step exposes the following:

Variable Name Type Variable Content
CLUSTER_DURATION Parameter[?] This configures how long this step waits for in seconds. (default: 9000)
TEST_SKIPS Parameter[?] Unused env var needed to prevent ci-operator from complaining about workflows that set this environment variable but have the test step that uses it overridden by this step.

Source Code

sleep ${CLUSTER_DURATION} & wait


Property Value Description
Step timeout[?] 4h0m0s Limits the execution time of the step.
Resource requests (cpu) 10m Used in .resources.requests of the pod running this step.
Resource requests (memory) 100Mi Used in .resources.requests of the pod running this step.

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