Workflow: baremetalds-assisted-install

This workflow installs an OCP cluster by running assisted-installer on a packet server.

Pre Steps

Name Description
baremetalds-assisted-setup Checkout and execute assisted-test-infra on a packet server

Test Steps

Name Description
baremetalds-assisted-conf Injects extended test list into e2e-metal-assisted.
baremetalds-assisted-test The Baremtal DS E2E assisted step executes the common end-to-end test suite.

Post Steps

Name Description
baremetalds-assisted-gather Log gather from remote packet server.
baremetalds-packet-teardown This step deprovisions the packet server


Image Exposed As Override[?] Required By Steps
assisted-installer ASSISTED_INSTALLER_IMAGE no baremetalds-assisted-setup
assisted-installer-agent ASSISTED_AGENT_IMAGE no baremetalds-assisted-setup
assisted-installer-controller ASSISTED_CONTROLLER_IMAGE no baremetalds-assisted-setup
assisted-service ASSISTED_SERVICE_IMAGE no baremetalds-assisted-setup
release:latest OPENSHIFT_UPGRADE_RELEASE_IMAGE no baremetalds-assisted-test


In addition to the default environment, the following variables are consumed through this workflow

Variable Name Variable Content Consumed By Steps
ASSISTED_CONFIG Additional assisted configuration, appended to the one defined by the step command. See for more details about supported values. baremetalds-assisted-setup
ENVIRONMENT Choose environment to run the test over. Current options are "local" (the default) and "production". (default: local) baremetalds-assisted-setup
GATHER_ALL_CLUSTERS Gather all clusters from assisted-service. (default: true) baremetalds-assisted-gather
MUST_GATHER Apply 'oc must-gather' on created cluster. (default: true) baremetalds-assisted-gather
PACKET_PLAN Plan to use in Packet when creating a testing machine. (default: m2.xlarge.x86) baremetalds-packet-setup
POST_INSTALL_COMMANDS List of commands to run once the installation has finished. baremetalds-assisted-setup
RUN_UPGRADE_TEST If the value is equal to "true", run only the upgrade tests (default: false) baremetalds-assisted-test
SOSREPORT Gather sosreport data from each running libvirt VM. (default: true) baremetalds-assisted-gather
TEST_SUITE (default: full) baremetalds-assisted-conf

Step Graph

Webreg Workflow "baremetalds-assisted-install" cluster_1 Pre cluster_0 baremetalds-assisted-setup cluster_2 Test cluster_3 Post 0 baremetalds-packet-setup 1 ipi-install-rbac 0->1 2 baremetalds-assisted-setup 1->2 3 baremetalds-assisted-conf 2->3 4 baremetalds-assisted-test 3->4 5 baremetalds-assisted-gather 4->5 6 baremetalds-packet-teardown 5->6

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