Workflow: baremetalds-assisted-operator-ztp-upgrade

Using hub-cluster with Assisted Service operator to deploy extra workers as spoke clusters. Installation will be following ZTP flow (Zero Touch Provisioning), meaning no explicit provisioning actions will be made outside of the system. First, AI operator with version ocm-2.3 is installed and a spoke SNO cluster is deployed. The subscription is updated to upgrade the AI operator from ocm-2.3 to the latest version to upgrade the AI operator. Once the operator is upgraded, a new spoke SNO cluster is installed.

Pre Steps

Name Description
baremetalds-assisted-operator-before-upgrade Installing Assisted Service Operator on top of a baremetal cluster.
baremetalds-assisted-operator-ztp-before-upgrade Using Assisted installer running on an OCP hub cluster, install a spoke OCP cluster.
baremetalds-assisted-operator-upgrade Using OLM, upgrade the Infrastrure Operator to the latest version.
baremetalds-assisted-operator-ztp-after-upgrade Using Assisted installer running on an OCP hub cluster, install a spoke OCP cluster.

Test Steps

No test steps configured.

Post Steps

Name Description
baremetalds-assisted-operator-gather Gathering data about assisted operator environment.
baremetalds-ipi-post The Baremetalds IPI cleanup chain contains all steps that gather and teardown an OpenShift cluster on Baremetal, provisioned by the `baremetald-ipi-pre` chain.


Image Exposed As Override[?] Required By Steps
assisted-installer ASSISTED_INSTALLER_IMAGE no baremetalds-assisted-operator-setup-before-upgrade
assisted-installer-agent ASSISTED_AGENT_IMAGE no baremetalds-assisted-operator-setup-before-upgrade
assisted-installer-controller ASSISTED_CONTROLLER_IMAGE no baremetalds-assisted-operator-setup-before-upgrade
ci-index INDEX_IMAGE no baremetalds-assisted-operator-setup-before-upgrade
release:latest OPENSHIFT_INSTALL_RELEASE_IMAGE no baremetalds-devscripts-setup


In addition to the default environment, the following variables are consumed through this workflow

Variable Name Variable Content Consumed By Steps
ASSISTED_AGENT_CLUSTER_INSTALL_NAME (default: assisted-agent-cluster-install-upgraded) baremetalds-assisted-operator-ztp-after-upgrade
ASSISTED_CLUSTER_DEPLOYMENT_NAME (default: assisted-test-cluster-upgraded) baremetalds-assisted-operator-ztp-after-upgrade
ASSISTED_CLUSTER_NAME (default: assisted-test-cluster-upgraded) baremetalds-assisted-operator-ztp-after-upgrade
ASSISTED_INFRAENV_NAME (default: assisted-infra-env-upgraded) baremetalds-assisted-operator-ztp-after-upgrade
ASSISTED_STOP_AFTER_AGENT_DISCOVERY Determines if a full cluster deployment is needed. Before upgrading the operator, the value of this variable is "false", which preserves the existing behavior and completes cluster installation. After upgrading the operator, the value of this variable is true. When set to "true", cluster installation will stop after agents are discovered. (default: false) baremetalds-assisted-operator-ztp-before-upgrade baremetalds-assisted-operator-setup-before-upgrade
ASSISTED_STOP_AFTER_AGENT_DISCOVERY_OVERRIDE (default: true) baremetalds-assisted-operator-ztp-after-upgrade
ASSISTED_UPGRADE_OPERATOR Determines the ASSISTED_OPENSHIFT_VERSION to be used. Before upgrading the operator, the value is set to "true", which signals that the current operator needs to be updated. The value is derived from the default_ocp_versions.json. When set to "true", ASSISTED_OPENSHIFT_VERSION gets the value 4.8. Otherwise, 4.9. After upgrading the operator, the value of this variable is "false". (default: true) baremetalds-assisted-operator-setup-before-upgrade
ASSISTED_UPGRADE_OPERATOR_OVERRIDE (default: false) baremetalds-assisted-operator-ztp-after-upgrade
CATALOG_SOURCE_NAME (default: community-operators) baremetalds-assisted-operator-setup-before-upgrade
CHANNEL_INSTALL_OVERRIDE (default: ocm-2.3) baremetalds-assisted-operator-setup-before-upgrade
CHANNEL_UPGRADE_OVERRIDE (default: alpha) baremetalds-assisted-operator-upgrade
DEVSCRIPTS_CONFIG Additional dev-scripts configuration, appended to the one defined by the step command. See for more details about supported values. baremetalds-devscripts-setup
IP_STACK Configures the IP_STACK for the devscripts cluster. The possible values are v4, v6 or v4v6 for dual stack. The default is v6. For more information on these values refer to (default: v6) baremetalds-assisted-conf-devscripts-ipstack
NUM_EXTRA_WORKERS Indicate number of extra VMs to create but not deploy. (default: 0) baremetalds-assisted-conf-devscripts-extraworkers
PACKET_PLAN Plan to use in Packet when creating a testing machine. (default: m2.xlarge.x86) baremetalds-packet-setup

Step Graph

Webreg Workflow "baremetalds-assisted-operator-ztp-upgrade" cluster_2 Pre cluster_1 baremetalds-assisted-operator-before-upgrade cluster_0 baremetalds-ipi-pre cluster_3 Test cluster_6 Post cluster_5 baremetalds-ipi-post cluster_4 gather 0 baremetalds-assisted-conf-devscripts-ipstack 1 baremetalds-assisted-conf-devscripts-extraworkers 0->1 2 baremetalds-packet-setup 1->2 3 ipi-install-rbac 2->3 4 baremetalds-devscripts-proxy 3->4 5 baremetalds-devscripts-setup 4->5 6 baremetalds-assisted-operator-setup-before-upgrade 5->6 7 baremetalds-assisted-operator-ztp-before-upgrade 6->7 8 baremetalds-assisted-operator-upgrade 7->8 9 baremetalds-assisted-operator-ztp-after-upgrade 8->9 10 Intentionally left blank 9->10 11 baremetalds-assisted-operator-gather 10->11 12 baremetalds-devscripts-gather 11->12 13 gather-must-gather 12->13 14 gather-extra 13->14 15 gather-audit-logs 14->15 16 baremetalds-packet-teardown 15->16

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