Workflow: hypershift-launch-aws

The HyperShift launch workflow executes tests against a new ephemeral HyperShift cluster. Administrative access to the control plane is provided via the `KUBECONFIG` environment variable. Note that tests will execute once the control plane is ready, regardless of whether nodes have been requested, have joined, or are available. The control plane is hosted on a dedicated standalone OCP cluster running HyperShift in the `osd-hypershift` AWS account and is destroyed after tests complete. The HyperShift launch capability is currently supported by the HyperShift team. For now, please direct all questions and comments to: - Alberto Lamela ( - Seth Jennings ( - Dan Mace ( - Cesar Wong ( Learn more about HyperShift here: Track HyperShift's development here:

Pre Steps

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Test Steps

No test steps configured.

Post Steps

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Image Exposed As Override[?] Required By Steps
release:latest RELEASE_IMAGE_LATEST no create


In addition to the default environment, the following variables are consumed through this workflow

Variable Name Variable Content Consumed By Steps
HYPERSHIFT_AWS_REGION The AWS region of the cluster. (default: us-east-1) create destroy
HYPERSHIFT_BASE_DOMAIN The cluster's FQDN will be a subdomain of the base domain. (default: create destroy
HYPERSHIFT_NAMESPACE The namespace in which to create hosted clusters. (default: ci-clusters) create destroy
HYPERSHIFT_NODE_COUNT The number nodes to automatically create and join to the cluster. (default: 2) create

Step Graph

Webreg Workflow "hypershift-launch-aws" cluster_1 Pre cluster_0 hypershift-launch-aws-create cluster_2 Test cluster_4 Post cluster_3 hypershift-launch-aws-destroy 0 openshift-cluster-bot-rbac 1 ipi-install-rbac 0->1 2 create 1->2 3 Intentionally left blank 2->3 4 destroy 3->4

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