Workflow: ipi-azure-arcconformance

The Azure Arc conformance worflow runs the Arc Enabled Kubernetes Validation Program[1] suite on top of an Azure IPI cluster and publishes the results in the artifacts directory. [1]

Pre Steps

Name Description
ipi-conf The IPI configure step generates the generic portions of the install-config.yaml file based on optional input files.
ipi-conf-azure-arcconformance-region Patch region of the Arc Enabled Kubernetes Validation Program[1] suite. [1]
ipi-install-monitoringpvc The IPI install monitoringpvc step configures cluster-monitoring operator to save prometheus data in a persistent storage. This would ensure metrics are kept during upgrades.
ipi-install The IPI install step chain contains all the individual steps necessary to install an OpenShift cluster.

Test Steps

Name Description
ipi-conf-azure-arcconformance Runs the Arc Enabled Kubernetes Validation Program[1] suite. [1]

Post Steps

Name Description
ipi-azure-post The IPI cleanup step contains all steps that deprovision an OpenShift cluster on Azure, provisioned by the `ipi-azure-pre` chain.


Image Exposed As Override[?] Required By Steps
release:latest OPENSHIFT_INSTALL_RELEASE_IMAGE_OVERRIDE no ipi-install-install
RELEASE_IMAGE_LATEST no ipi-install-install


In addition to the default environment, the following variables are consumed through this workflow

Variable Name Variable Content Consumed By Steps
AZURE_ARC_REGIONS (default: eastus westcentralus southcentralus southeastasia uksouth australiaeast eastus2 westeurope westus2 northeurope) ipi-conf-azure-arcconformance-region
AZURE_REGION (default: eastus) ipi-conf-azure-arcconformance
AZURE_SA_CONNECTION_STRING_PATH (default: /var/run/cluster-secrets-azure-arcconformance-sa/azure-arcconformance-sa-connection-string) ipi-conf-azure-arcconformance
AZURE_SA_CONTAINER_NAME (default: redhat-testresults) ipi-conf-azure-arcconformance
FIPS_ENABLED (default: false) ipi-conf
OPENSHIFT_INSTALL_EXPERIMENTAL_DUAL_STACK Using experimental Azure dual-stack support (default: false) ipi-install-install
OPENSHIFT_INSTALL_PRESERVE_BOOTSTRAP Keep bootstrap resources after install. Warning: this should only be used for debugging purposes, and poses a risk to cluster stability. ipi-install-install

Step Graph

Webreg Workflow "ipi-azure-arcconformance" cluster_1 Pre cluster_0 ipi-install cluster_2 Test cluster_6 Post cluster_5 ipi-azure-post cluster_4 ipi-deprovision cluster_3 gather 0 ipi-conf 1 ipi-conf-azure-arcconformance-region 0->1 2 ipi-install-monitoringpvc 1->2 3 ipi-install-rbac 2->3 4 openshift-cluster-bot-rbac 3->4 5 ipi-install-install 4->5 6 ipi-install-times-collection 5->6 7 ipi-conf-azure-arcconformance 6->7 8 gather-must-gather 7->8 9 gather-extra 8->9 10 gather-audit-logs 9->10 11 ipi-deprovision-deprovision 10->11

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