Workflow: openshift-e2e-libvirt

The IPI workflow provides pre- and post- steps that provision and deprovision an OpenShift cluster with a default configuration on libvirt, allowing job authors to inject their own end-to-end test logic.

Pre Steps

Name Description
ipi-libvirt-pre The IPI setup step contains all steps that provision an OpenShift cluster with a default configuration on multi-arch(s390x & ppc64le)

Test Steps

Name Description
openshift-e2e-libvirt-test The LIBVIRT test step executes the common end-to-end test suite.

Post Steps

Name Description
ipi-libvirt-post The IPI cleanup step contains all steps that gather and deprovision an Openshift cluster on multi-arch, provisioned by the 'ipi-libvirt-pre' chain.


Image Exposed As Override[?] Required By Steps
release:latest OPENSHIFT_INSTALL_RELEASE_IMAGE_OVERRIDE no ipi-install-libvirt-install
RELEASE_IMAGE_LATEST no ipi-install-libvirt-install


In addition to the default environment, the following variables are consumed through this workflow

Variable Name Variable Content Consumed By Steps
ARCH ipi-conf-libvirt openshift-e2e-libvirt-conf openshift-e2e-libvirt-test ipi-install-libvirt-install
BRANCH ipi-conf-libvirt openshift-e2e-libvirt-conf openshift-e2e-libvirt-test ipi-install-libvirt-install
GATHER_BOOTSTRAP_LOGS Force the gathering of logs from the bootstrap node. This usually only occurs when there is a failure during installation. (default: false) openshift-e2e-libvirt-test
MASTER_DISK (default: 42949672960) ipi-install-libvirt-install
MASTER_MEMORY (default: 16384) ipi-install-libvirt-install
MASTER_REPLICAS (default: 3) ipi-conf-libvirt ipi-install-libvirt-install
TEST_SUITE The test suite to run. Use 'openshift-test run --help' to list available suites. (default: openshift/conformance/parallel) openshift-e2e-libvirt-test
TEST_TYPE (default: suite) openshift-e2e-libvirt-conf openshift-e2e-libvirt-test
TEST_UPGRADE_OPTIONS Options controlling how an upgrade is performed. See `openshift-test run-upgrade --help` for more details. openshift-e2e-libvirt-test
TOUCH Forces testing when writing new code. openshift-e2e-libvirt-test
WORKER_DISK (default: 32212254720) ipi-install-libvirt-install
WORKER_MEMORY (default: 16384) ipi-install-libvirt-install
WORKER_REPLICAS (default: 2) ipi-conf-libvirt ipi-install-libvirt-install

Step Graph

Webreg Workflow "openshift-e2e-libvirt" cluster_2 Pre cluster_1 ipi-libvirt-pre cluster_0 ipi-install-libvirt cluster_4 Test cluster_3 openshift-e2e-libvirt-test cluster_6 Post cluster_5 ipi-libvirt-post 0 ipi-conf-libvirt 1 ipi-install-rbac 0->1 2 ipi-install-libvirt-install 1->2 3 openshift-e2e-libvirt-conf 2->3 4 openshift-e2e-libvirt-test 3->4 5 gather-libvirt 4->5 6 ipi-deprovision-deprovision-libvirt 5->6

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