Workflow: openshift-e2e-ovirt-minimal-release-4.4-4.5

The Openshift E2E oVirt e2e minimal release 4.4,4.5 workflow installs OpenShift cluster on top of oVirt from releases that didn't contain the oVirt csi driver, therefor patch the image registry. Executes confotmance "Early" tests only.

Pre Steps

Name Description
ipi-ovirt-pre-release-4.4-4.5 The IPI setup step contains all steps that provision an OpenShift cluster with a tmpfs configuration on oVirt and no PVC (release 4.4 and 4.5 don't have CSI on oVirt).
ipi-install-ovirt-patch-image-registry On 4.4 and 4.5 we don't have CSI Driver so we need to patch that image registry to use emptydir.

Test Steps

Name Description
openshift-e2e-ovirt-minimal-test The Openshift E2E step executes the common end-to-end test suite - this step will become a PR to the general e2e tests script, created this step to avoid triggering all e2e jobs.

Post Steps

Name Description
ipi-ovirt-post The IPI cleanup step contains all steps that deprovision an OpenShift cluster on oVirt, provisioned by the `ipi-ovirt-pre` chain.


Image Exposed As Override[?] Required By Steps
release:latest OPENSHIFT_INSTALL_RELEASE_IMAGE_OVERRIDE no ipi-install-install
OPENSHIFT_UPGRADE_RELEASE_IMAGE_OVERRIDE no openshift-e2e-ovirt-minimal-test
RELEASE_IMAGE_LATEST no ipi-install-install


In addition to the default environment, the following variables are consumed through this workflow

Variable Name Variable Content Consumed By Steps
IGNITIONVERSION ignition version to use for mco. (default: 3.1.0) ipi-conf-etcd-on-ramfs
OPENSHIFT_INSTALL_EXPERIMENTAL_DUAL_STACK Using experimental Azure dual-stack support (default: false) ipi-install-install
OPENSHIFT_INSTALL_PRESERVE_BOOTSTRAP Keep bootstrap resources after install. Warning: this should only be used for debugging purposes, and poses a risk to cluster stability. ipi-install-install
TEST_CSI_DRIVER_MANIFEST Name of the CSI driver manifest file to use. Used by the `openshift-tests` program as TEST_CSI_DRIVER_FILES env. var., see its documentation for details. The file must be present in ${SHARED_DIR}. openshift-e2e-ovirt-minimal-test
TEST_INSTALL_CSI_DRIVERS The CSI driver(s) to use. Used by the `openshift-tests` program, see its documentation for details. openshift-e2e-ovirt-minimal-test
TEST_OPTIONS The test command options. Use 'openshift-test TEST_COMMAND --help' to list available options. openshift-e2e-ovirt-minimal-test
TEST_SKIPS Regular expression (POSIX basic regular expression) of tests to skip. openshift-e2e-ovirt-minimal-test
TEST_SUITE The test suite to run. Use 'openshift-test TEST_COMMAND --help' to list available suites. (default: openshift/conformance/parallel) openshift-e2e-ovirt-minimal-test
TEST_TYPE The type of test to perform. * 'suite' - Run the test suite defined by TEST_SUITE. By default this executes the OpenShift parallel conformance suite. All product components must run the default suite on pull requests prior to merge. * 'suite-conformance' - Runs the test suite defined by TEST_SUITE, then runs the product conformance suite to verify the cluster is still functional. This is typically used for testing disruption from one suite, then confirming that the disruption did not degrade the product. * 'upgrade' - Perform an upgrade to the image defined by OPENSHIFT_UPGRADE_RELEASE_IMAGE_OVERRIDE. The TEST_UPGRADE_OPTIONS flag may be optionally set. All product components must run the default upgrade test (verify an upgrade completes) on pull requests prior to merge. * 'upgrade-conformance' - Performs the 'upgrade' test and then executes the full conformance suite after upgrade completes. Does not honor TEST_SUITE but will respect TEST_UPGRADE_OPTIONS. All product releases must pass the conformance suite after an upgrade completes or have explicit logic in their test to tolerate behavior after upgrade. (default: suite) openshift-e2e-ovirt-minimal-test

Step Graph

Webreg Workflow "openshift-e2e-ovirt-minimal-release-4.4-4.5" cluster_3 Pre cluster_2 ipi-ovirt-pre-release-4.4-4.5 cluster_0 ipi-conf-ovirt-release-4.4-4.5 cluster_1 ipi-install-ovirt cluster_4 Test cluster_8 Post cluster_7 ipi-ovirt-post cluster_6 ipi-deprovision cluster_5 gather 0 ipi-conf-ovirt-generate-install-config-params 1 ipi-conf-ovirt-generate-ovirt-config-insecure 0->1 2 ipi-conf-ovirt-generate-install-config-release-4.4-4.5 1->2 3 ipi-conf-etcd-on-ramfs 2->3 4 ipi-install-rbac 3->4 5 ipi-install-ovirt-send-event-to-ovirt-pre 4->5 6 ipi-install-install 5->6 7 ipi-install-ovirt-send-event-to-ovirt-post 6->7 8 ipi-install-ovirt-patch-image-registry 7->8 9 openshift-e2e-ovirt-minimal-test 8->9 10 gather-core-dump 9->10 11 gather-must-gather 10->11 12 gather-extra 11->12 13 gather-audit-logs 12->13 14 ipi-deprovision-deprovision 13->14

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