Workflow: openshift-e2e-vsphere-upi

VSphere E2E wraps the Openshift E2E workflow and executes the common end-to-end test suite.

Pre Steps

Name Description
upi-vsphere-pre This chain contains all of the steps to provision an OpenShift cluster using the vSphere UPI workflow.

Test Steps

Name Description
openshift-e2e-test The Openshift E2E step executes the common end-to-end test suite.

Post Steps

Name Description
upi-vsphere-post This chain deprovisions all the components created by the upi-gcp-pre chain.


Image Exposed As Override[?] Required By Steps
release:latest OPENSHIFT_UPGRADE_RELEASE_IMAGE_OVERRIDE no openshift-e2e-test


In addition to the default environment, the following variables are consumed through this workflow

Variable Name Variable Content Consumed By Steps
FIPS_ENABLED (default: false) ipi-conf
TEST_ARGS Additional arguments to be passed to 'openshift-test' openshift-e2e-test
TEST_CSI_DRIVER_MANIFEST Name of the CSI driver manifest file to use. Used by the `openshift-tests` program as TEST_CSI_DRIVER_FILES env. var., see its documentation for details. The file must be present in ${SHARED_DIR}. openshift-e2e-test
TEST_INSTALL_CSI_DRIVERS The CSI driver(s) to use. Used by the `openshift-tests` program, see its documentation for details. openshift-e2e-test
TEST_REQUIRES_SSH If the test suite requires SSH access, setting this variable will install a bastion and configure the Kube e2e test infrastructure to use the bastion. Otherwise, tests that require SSH will fail because OpenShift does not expose SSH to nodes by default. openshift-e2e-test
TEST_SKIPS Regular expression (POSIX basic regular expression) of tests to skip. It is suggested to test the regex to make sure that it matches with the available tests. Tests can be listed by using 'openshift-tests run --dry-run (...)'. Sometimes, the tests that are printed in Prow won't exactly match the list returned by openshift-tests. openshift-e2e-test
TEST_SUITE The test suite to run. Use 'openshift-test run --help' to list available suites. (default: openshift/conformance/parallel) openshift-e2e-test
TEST_TYPE The type of test to perform. * 'suite' - Run the test suite defined by TEST_SUITE. By default this executes the OpenShift parallel conformance suite. All product components must run the default suite on pull requests prior to merge. * 'suite-conformance' - Runs the test suite defined by TEST_SUITE, then runs the product conformance suite to verify the cluster is still functional. This is typically used for testing disruption from one suite, then confirming that the disruption did not degrade the product. * 'upgrade' - Perform an upgrade to the image defined by OPENSHIFT_UPGRADE_RELEASE_IMAGE_OVERRIDE. The TEST_UPGRADE_OPTIONS flag may be optionally set. All product components must run the default upgrade test (verify an upgrade completes) on pull requests prior to merge. * 'upgrade-conformance' - Performs the 'upgrade' test and then executes the full conformance suite after upgrade completes. Does not honor TEST_SUITE but will respect TEST_UPGRADE_OPTIONS. All product releases must pass the conformance suite after an upgrade completes or have explicit logic in their test to tolerate behavior after upgrade. * 'upgrade-paused' - Perform an upgrade to the images defined by OPENSHIFT_UPGRADE_RELEASE_IMAGE_OVERRIDE with paused worker pool. (default: suite) openshift-e2e-test
TEST_UPGRADE_OPTIONS Options controlling how an upgrade is performed. See `openshift-test run-upgrade --help` for more details. openshift-e2e-test
TEST_UPGRADE_SUITE The test suite to run in upgrade tests. Use 'openshift-test run --help' to list available suites. (default: all) openshift-e2e-test

Step Graph

Webreg Workflow "openshift-e2e-vsphere-upi" cluster_2 Pre cluster_1 upi-vsphere-pre cluster_0 upi-conf-vsphere cluster_3 Test cluster_6 Post cluster_5 upi-vsphere-post cluster_4 gather 0 ipi-install-rbac 1 openshift-cluster-bot-rbac 0->1 2 ipi-conf 1->2 3 ipi-conf-vsphere-check 2->3 4 upi-conf-vsphere 3->4 5 upi-conf-vsphere-ova 4->5 6 upi-install-vsphere 5->6 7 ipi-install-times-collection 6->7 8 openshift-e2e-test 7->8 9 gather-must-gather 8->9 10 gather-extra 9->10 11 gather-audit-logs 10->11 12 upi-deprovision-vsphere 11->12

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