Workflow: operator-pipelines-preflight-common-claim

This workflows perform shared pre/post actions on clusters obtained from preinstalled pools ( Claims a cluster with a default configuration on AWS and executes the Preflight tool against a provided asset. Important: Parameter values in `env` are supposed to be used only in rehearsals and serve as "testing defaults". Production jobs should always override them via `preflight-trigger`.

Pre Steps

Name Description
operator-pipelines-preflight-common-health This step checks the /readyz endpoint to confirm the Kubernetes environment is ready for interaction. This step best used when claiming clusters that have been hibernating for an extended period of time.
ipi-install-rbac The pre-installation RBAC step adds necessary privileges for the cluster under test against the build farm.

Test Steps

Name Description
operator-pipelines-preflight-common-decrypt This step will decrypt artifacts. Currently only one public key is able to decrypt so no additional variables are needed.
operator-pipelines-preflight-common-check This step will execute the Preflight utility against a target certification test asset. Preflight STDOUT is suppressed, and log file always pushed to the SHARED_DIR as a tarball called preflight.tar.gz. This is to encourage the secure transmission of those assets in a follow up step for this task. Optionally, setting PUBLISH_ARTIFACTS=true when calling this task will immediately push preflight artifacts and logfiles to the ARTIFACT_DIR which is searchable on
operator-pipelines-preflight-common-encrypt This step will encrypt artifacts. Currently only one public key is able to decrypt so no additional variables are needed.

Post Steps

Name Description
gather The gather step chain contains all the individual steps necessary to gather artifacts from a cluster.


No step in this workflow sets dependencies.[?]


In addition to the default environment, the following variables are consumed through this workflow

Variable Name Variable Content Consumed By Steps
ASSET_TYPE The type of asset under test. One of "container" or "operator". operator-pipelines-preflight-common-check
PFLT_ARTIFACTS Where Preflight will write artifacts locally. operator-pipelines-preflight-common-check
PFLT_DOCKERCONFIG The full path to a dockerconfigjson file, which is pushed to the target test cluster to access images in private repositories in the DeployableByOLM. If empty, no secret is created and the resource is assumed to be public. operator-pipelines-preflight-common-decrypt
PFLT_INDEXIMAGE The index image containing an operator bundle under test. Used for the "operator" asset type. operator-pipelines-preflight-common-check
PFLT_LOGLEVEL The log verbosity. One of "info", "error", "debug", "trace". (default: trace) operator-pipelines-preflight-common-check
PUBLISH_ARTIFACTS Whether preflight will publish its artifacts, preflight.log, and results.json to ARTIFACT_DIR. (default: false) operator-pipelines-preflight-common-check
TEST_ASSET The asset under test by the preflight utility. operator-pipelines-preflight-common-check

Step Graph

Webreg Workflow "operator-pipelines-preflight-common-claim" cluster_0 Pre cluster_1 Test cluster_3 Post cluster_2 gather 0 operator-pipelines-preflight-common-health 1 ipi-install-rbac 0->1 2 operator-pipelines-preflight-common-decrypt 1->2 3 operator-pipelines-preflight-common-check 2->3 4 operator-pipelines-preflight-common-encrypt 3->4 5 gather-must-gather 4->5 6 gather-extra 5->6 7 gather-audit-logs 6->7

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