Workflow: optional-operators-cvp-common-powervs

Installs a cluster with a default configuration on power, install an optional operator using the input index image, package and channel, and execute a common suite of CVP tests to validate the optional operator. Important: Parameter values in `env` are supposed to be used only in rehearsals and serve as "testing defaults". Production jobs should always override them via `cvp-trigger`.

Pre Steps

Name Description
upi-powervs-pre This chain contains all of the steps to provision an OpenShift cluster using the OpenShift on PowerVS UPI workflow.
optional-operators-configure-proxy-registry The configure-proxy registry step configures the proxy image registry to pull internal images.
optional-operators-subscribe The subscribe step installs an optional operator from a provided index image.

Test Steps

Name Description
optional-operators-cvp-common-scorecard The operator cvp scorecard test for bundle images from brew registry.
optional-operators-cvp-common-test The shared CVP tests to validate optional operator images.

Post Steps

Name Description
upi-powervs-post This chain deprovisions all the components created by the upi-powervs-pre chain.


Image Exposed As Override[?] Required By Steps
bundle-image BUNDLE_IMAGE no optional-operators-cvp-common-scorecard
ci-index OO_INDEX no optional-operators-subscribe


In addition to the default environment, the following variables are consumed through this workflow

Variable Name Variable Content Consumed By Steps
CLUSTER_ID The ID of the cluster that must be deleted. upi-deprovision-powervs
INITIAL_CHANNEL (For upgrade tests) The name of the initial channel of the operator to track. optional-operators-subscribe
INITIAL_CSV (For upgrade tests) The name of the initial CSV to install. optional-operators-subscribe
OO_CHANNEL The name of the operator channel to track. optional-operators-subscribe
OO_INSTALL_NAMESPACE The namespace into which the operator and catalog will be installed. Special value `!create` means that a new namespace will be created. optional-operators-subscribe
OO_PACKAGE The name of the operator package to be installed. Must be present in the index image referenced by `INDEX_IMAGE`. optional-operators-subscribe
OO_TARGET_NAMESPACES A comma-separated list of namespaces the operator will target. Special, value `!all` means that all namespaces will be targeted. If no OperatorGroup exists in `INSTALL_NAMESPACE`, a new one will be created with its target namespaces set to `TARGET_NAMESPACES`, otherwise the existing OperatorGroup's target namespace set will be replaced. The special value `!install` will set the target namespace to the operator's installation namespace. optional-operators-subscribe
OPENSHIFT_CLUSTER_FLAVOR The flavor of OpenShift cluster to install. (default: small) upi-install-powervs
OPENSHIFT_JENKINS_JOB_NAME The name of the Jenkins job used to create a cluster. (default: ibmcloud-powervs-ocp-actions/ibmcloud-powervs-redhat-cluster-deploy) upi-install-powervs upi-deprovision-powervs
OPENSHIFT_VERSION The version of OpenShift to install, in MAJOR.MINOR format. (default: 4.7) upi-install-powervs
REQUESTOR_EMAIL The e-mail address for the engineer requesting this cluster. upi-install-powervs upi-deprovision-powervs

Step Graph

Webreg Workflow "optional-operators-cvp-common-powervs" cluster_1 Pre cluster_0 upi-powervs-pre cluster_2 Test cluster_5 Post cluster_4 upi-powervs-post cluster_3 gather 0 ipi-install-rbac 1 upi-install-powervs 0->1 2 optional-operators-configure-proxy-registry 1->2 3 optional-operators-subscribe 2->3 4 optional-operators-cvp-common-scorecard 3->4 5 optional-operators-cvp-common-test 4->5 6 gather-must-gather 5->6 7 gather-extra 6->7 8 gather-audit-logs 7->8 9 upi-deprovision-powervs 8->9

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