Workflow: upi-gcp-nested

The UPI workflow provides pre- and post- steps that provision and deprovision an OpenShift cluster with a default configuration on a VM which have nested virtualization enable and present on GCP, allowing job authors to inject their own end-to-end test logic. All modifications to this workflow should be done by modifying the `upi-gcp-nested-{pre,post}` chains to allow other workflows to mimic and extend this base workflow without a need to backport changes.

Pre Steps

Name Description
upi-gcp-nested-pre This step provision the gcloud deployments created by upi-install-gcp-nested.

Test Steps

No test steps configured.

Post Steps

Name Description
upi-gcp-nested-post This step deprovisions the gcloud deployments created by upi-install-gcp-nested.


No step in this workflow sets dependencies.[?]


In addition to the default environment, the following variables are consumed through this workflow

Variable Name Variable Content Consumed By Steps
HOME (default: /tmp/secret) upi-gcp-nested-pre upi-gcp-nested-post
NSS_GROUPNAME (default: packer) upi-gcp-nested-pre upi-gcp-nested-post
NSS_USERNAME (default: packer) upi-gcp-nested-pre upi-gcp-nested-post
NSS_WRAPPER_GROUP (default: /tmp/secret/group) upi-gcp-nested-pre upi-gcp-nested-post
NSS_WRAPPER_PASSWD (default: /tmp/secret/passwd) upi-gcp-nested-pre upi-gcp-nested-post

Step Graph

Webreg Workflow "upi-gcp-nested" cluster_1 Pre cluster_0 upi-gcp-nested-pre cluster_2 Test cluster_4 Post cluster_3 upi-gcp-nested-post 0 ipi-install-rbac 1 upi-gcp-nested-pre 0->1 2 Intentionally left blank 1->2 3 upi-gcp-nested-post 2->3

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