Workflow: upi-powervs

The UPI workflow provides pre- and post- steps that provision and deprovision an OpenShift cluster with a default configuration at IBM Cloud on PowerVS, allowing job authors to inject their own end-to-end test logic. All modifications to this workflow should be done by modifying the `upi-powervs-{pre,post}` chains to allow other workflows to mimic and extend this base workflow without a need to backport changes.

Pre Steps

Name Description
upi-powervs-pre This chain contains all of the steps to provision an OpenShift cluster using the OpenShift on PowerVS UPI workflow.

Test Steps

No test steps configured.

Post Steps

Name Description
upi-powervs-post This chain deprovisions all the components created by the upi-powervs-pre chain.


No step in this workflow sets dependencies.[?]


In addition to the default environment, the following variables are consumed through this workflow

Variable Name Variable Content Consumed By Steps
CLUSTER_ID The ID of the cluster that must be deleted. upi-deprovision-powervs
OPENSHIFT_CLUSTER_FLAVOR The flavor of OpenShift cluster to install. (default: small) upi-install-powervs
OPENSHIFT_JENKINS_JOB_NAME The name of the Jenkins job used to create a cluster. (default: ibmcloud-powervs-ocp-actions/ibmcloud-powervs-redhat-cluster-deploy) upi-install-powervs upi-deprovision-powervs
OPENSHIFT_VERSION The version of OpenShift to install, in MAJOR.MINOR format. (default: 4.7) upi-install-powervs
REQUESTOR_EMAIL The e-mail address for the engineer requesting this cluster. upi-install-powervs upi-deprovision-powervs

Step Graph

Webreg Workflow "upi-powervs" cluster_1 Pre cluster_0 upi-powervs-pre cluster_2 Test cluster_5 Post cluster_4 upi-powervs-post cluster_3 gather 0 ipi-install-rbac 1 upi-install-powervs 0->1 2 Intentionally left blank 1->2 3 gather-must-gather 2->3 4 gather-extra 3->4 5 gather-audit-logs 4->5 6 upi-deprovision-powervs 5->6

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